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An addition to VR laser tag we have cooperative VR survival games for up to 6 players

Cyber Shock
Dead Ahead

Virtual reality arcade survival multiplayer games are a type of immersive video game that combines the thrill of survival gameplay with the excitement of virtual reality technology. These games are typically played in a physical arcade setting, with players wearing VR headsets and using handheld controllers to navigate their virtual surroundings and interact with other players.

In these games, players must use their wits and skills to survive against various challenges and enemies, often in a post-apocalyptic or dystopian setting. They may have to scavenge for resources, build shelters, and fight off hostile creatures or other players to stay alive. The games often require teamwork and cooperation among players, and may also allow for free roaming within the virtual environment, giving players the freedom to explore and discover new areas and challenges.

Virtual reality arcade survival multiplayer games offer a unique and thrilling gaming experience that can't be found in traditional video games. They provide a sense of immersion and realism that is enhanced by the use of VR technology, and the multiplayer aspect adds an extra element of competition and teamwork. These games are great for cooperative events and team building, as they require players to work together and communicate effectively in order to survive. They are a popular choice for Inverness and Highlands arcade enthusiasts and are a great way to enjoy an exciting and interactive form of VR entertainment with friends.

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