Private VR session for family and friends.

We have 3 different VR SURVIVAL games and an amazing Quantum Arena VR LASER TAG game from HeroZone that we are using for our bookings.

What is included in private VR session?

40 minutes private session. You and your team.

Safety briefing and simple VR equipment usage explanation.

2 VR survival shooting team games

3 VR laser tag games (or one extra survival game depending on the kids age)

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VR Birthday parties in Inverness and Highlands.

Laser Go is an entertainment venue in Inverness that offers multiplayer VR laser tag and survival games. It can accommodate up to 6 players at a time and up to 12 players for private birthday party. Laser Go offers a range of immersive VR experiences suitable for all ages and has a kitchen and plenty of parking space for any party event. We are using latest VR technology and will be introducing Bhaptics vests in 2023 to enhance the immersive VR experience.

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VR party at Laser Go #1

VR club

Join us for a fun and exciting weekend VR club from Laser Go! Players will have the chance to learn the basics of VR laser tag, compete in team battles, try a Team VR survival games, and participate in a tournaments. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced player, there is something for everyone in this program. Open VR Club schedule and sign up for the VR club today!

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VR laser tag tournament #1

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